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242 encourages promising and innovative projects

The Hubert Tuor Foundation (HTF) supports projects, but also people who have projects. That is why HTF has launched its 242 Program (2day 4 2morrow). With the intention of encouraging promising and innovative projects, HTF reaches out directly to young people who need immediate help to implement a specific project. HTF thus helps to develop the potential of today’s young talents who will be the key players of tomorrow’s world. In furtherance of its aims, the Hubert Tuor Foundation wishes to provide a collaborative environment where students willing to spend time helping others in the community will be encouraged to exchange ideas and experience

For whom

Support is offered to all those who need financial aid to implement and successfully complete their particular project, regardless of whether they are still students or already have a few years of working experience.However, the project must come within the scope of HTF’s Charter. This means it must be connected in some way with the medical, scientific or technological fields.
The grant is made in the form of financial aid, while the amount is discussed case by case. It may cover the entire amount of the funding required or it may be limited to the financing of a specific part of a project.

How are members of the 242 group selected?
If you are prepared to show initiative, if the desire to help others comes naturally to you, if, like the Foundation, you wish to make tomorrow’s world a better place, then you have all it takes to become a member of 242!
242 projects are generated when a student and the Foundation meet, share and agree, working together in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Support forproactive, curious and passionate young people is part of the Foundation’s philosophy. Our aim is to encourage initiatives by those prepared to commit to find their path to success.


If you have already embarked on a scientific, technological or medical career (and on that condition only), then go ahead and submit the form so that we can review it before making a first contact. HTF’s Committee has made a commitment to consider all the projects submitted to it and to answer each applicant personally. We look forward to discovering your project and meeting you!


Join swissnex Boston !

Thanks to a privileged partnership, twice a year the Hubert Tuor Foundation offers a study grant for a 6-month work experience placement at Swissnex Boston.

All students/graduates with a background in science, technology or medicine and who dream of joining the Swissnex Boxton team can apply, providing that they are of Swiss nationality or resident in Switzerland.

To find out more about the conditions and the upcoming dates, please complete the registration form (https://2day42morrow.ch/inscription/) and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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