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La Cédille: a special place to learn and study for children with dysphasia

Dysphasia is a structural, primary, long-term language disorder. It appears in early childhood and is characterised by difficulties in making yourself understood by the people around you. Thanks to La Cédille, a private, independent association in Geneva, children who suffer from the disorder now have a dedicated centre. A dedicated centre for a relatively unknown disorder…


ICPIC Innovation Academy – Hubert Tuor Prize

The International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC), sponsored by the WHO, is held every two years in Geneva. It brings together 1500 participants from all over the world to exchange knowledge and experience in infection prevention and antimicrobial resistance control. Vigilance and Exchanges Despite the progress achieved in the fight against infection and the efforts…



For almost 30 years, in every country of the world, the Telethon has been raising funds to finance research projects in the field of neuromuscular disease and rare genetic diseases. A donation which strikes an obvious chord The Hubert Tuor Foundation felt it was vitally important to join forces with the millions of people around the…


The Sanfilippo foundation

Sanfilippo syndrome causes numerous deaths among children under the age of 10. Since there is currently no treatment to cure these young people and the solution will only come from research, the Hubert Tuor Foundation is committed to supporting the Sanfilippo Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting this terrible disease. A still incurable disease Sanfilippo…


Rescuers without borders

As part of their international baccalaureate, pupils from the International School of Geneva must complete a number of creative, sporting and humanitarian projects. In March 2016, FHT decided to support a group of five students. This is their project: “We decided to raise money for an NGO working in international medical aid: RESCUERS WITHOUT BORDERS (RWB).…


The Mercy Ships Foundation

The Mercy Ships Foundation is one of the FHT’s favourite causes and provides help to those who are most disadvantaged with its fleet of hospital ships, whose mission is to travel the oceans providing assistance wherever the needs are most urgent. An itinerant humanitarian association The Mercy Ships Foundation, which began as a private initiative…



The Hubert Tuor Foundation (FHT) applauds the excellent project from the Partage Association, which aims to combat hunger and waste in the canton of Geneva. No to waste We are becoming increasingly aware of the mass of food that is thrown away every day when it could still be consumed perfectly well. The Partage Association…


The Team for Kids

The “Team for Kids” programme, which focuses specifically on sporting activities for young Americans from disadvantaged backgrounds, was set up by the organisation “New York Road Runners”. The power of running The organisation “New York Road Runners” is driven by the conviction that people can improve their health and well-being through the power of running.…



“The first human right is the right to a childhood”  This is the core belief of Children Action, the Swiss foundation which has been working for more than 20 years to achieve positive and sustained change for children, young people and their families in over 20 countries.   Shared values A common thread, entirely in…

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