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The Hubert Tuor Foundation (FHT) applauds the excellent project from the Partage Association, which aims to combat hunger and waste in the canton of Geneva.

No to waste

We are becoming increasingly aware of the mass of food that is thrown away every day when it could still be consumed perfectly well.

The Partage Association has decided to play an active role in combating this situation and since 2015, the Geneva-based food bank has collected and redistributed over 912 tonnes of unsold or leftover food from various distribution sources and the generosity of Geneva’s residents at the “sharing Saturdays” organised twice a year.

Partage works in conjunction with supermarkets, producers, importers, wholesalers and shopkeepers in the canton of Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland and collects not only fresh, dried and long-life products, fruits and vegetables but also hygiene products.

Yes to redistribution

As a result, over 7,700 people in vulnerable situations get help with food each week, thanks to a redistribution system run by 51 associations in Geneva who take part in the project. Whether it is in the form of fresh products, uneaten ready meals or soup made from damaged vegetables, Partage gives the food it collects a new lease of life and makes life happier for a lot of people.

The FHT is happy to support the actions of the Partage Association, which is growing all the time and whose needs are increasing every year.

Partage collects a third of its annual contributions from two “sharing Saturdays” organised in local supermarkets. (Photo: Keystone/Salvatore di Nolfi)






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