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La Cédille: a special place to learn and study for children with dysphasia


Dysphasia is a structural, primary, long-term language disorder. It appears in early childhood and is characterised by difficulties in making yourself understood by the people around you. Thanks to La Cédille, a private, independent association in Geneva, children who suffer from the disorder now have a dedicated centre.

A dedicated centre for a relatively unknown disorder

Until La Cédille opened in September 2016, there were no dedicated facilities for children and young people affected by dysphasia in Geneva. But thanks to a group of concerned parents, who also founded the AGTL (Geneva Association for Specific Language Disorders), these children now have the chance to thrive and benefit from educational support adapted to their needs.

Working with their own teachers in the public or private sector, and in agreement with the Department of Education, children aged 8 to 16 now have access to differentiated, individualised teaching at La Cédille. Teachers, specialist youth workers and health professionals (speech defects specialists, psychologists, occupational therapists and psychomotricity therapists) use methods based on images and gestures to help them flourish, become more independent and develop their potential.

Support for an excellent project

The FHT was keen to support this initiative and the development of the centre, which fills a gap in terms of facilities for this form of disability. We hope that the project, which is run in close cooperation with Geneva University Hospitals and the Faculty of Psychology, will provide a model for other cantons and cities.

Read the article of la gazette de l’OMP

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