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For almost 30 years, in every country of the world, the Telethon has been raising funds to finance research projects in the field of neuromuscular disease and rare genetic diseases.

A donation which strikes an obvious chord

The Hubert Tuor Foundation felt it was vitally important to join forces with the millions of people around the world who, thanks to their bequests, donations and volunteer work, help this magnificent programme to continue and develop year after year.

From research to application

Donations collected in this way make it possible to design, develop and produce gene therapy drugs for rare diseases. They also provide the means to speed up the medical application of scientific results derived from fundamental research, allowing sufferers to benefit from innovative treatments of proven effectiveness.

Stéphane & Mika

The donations made by FHT to the Téléthon enabled Stéphane, a 16 year old student in remission from a long-standing serious illness, to attend the Mika concert in Geneva in June 2016.
Accompanied by his mother and by Sylvie Tuor, President of the Foundation, Stéphane spent a magical evening, full of surprises. During the concert, Mika asked Stéphane to join him on stage and gave him a piano lesson watched by the enthusiastic audience, before inviting him to come backstage after the concert ended.

Stéphane and Mika.


Léa & Fréro Delavega

Every year the FHT makes a donation to the Telethon, and this year is no exception. On 31 March 2017, this donation was transformed into a gift for Léa, who was able to meet and spend time with Jérémy and Florian, the duo who make up the group Fréro Delavega. The two artists spent quite some time talking to the young woman before going on stage at the Arena, to the delight of Léa and all their fans.

Léa, surrounded by Jérémy Frérot and Florian Delavega (Fréro Delavega)

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