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The Mercy Ships Foundation


The Mercy Ships Foundation is one of the FHT’s favourite causes and provides help to those who are most disadvantaged with its fleet of hospital ships, whose mission is to travel the oceans providing assistance wherever the needs are most urgent.

An itinerant humanitarian association

The Mercy Ships Foundation, which began as a private initiative in Switzerland in 1978, has developed a programme of medical care on an international scale. Based on an original and totally visionary idea, the Mercy Ships programme involves converting ships into floating hospitals and sending them all over the world, wherever the needs are most urgent and there is a cruel lack of medical care.

An increasingly effective fleet

Today, the Mercy Ships Foundation has a fleet of four hospital ships equipped with operating theatres, wards that can accommodate numerous patients and sophisticated equipment that is every bit as good as the facilities found in traditional hospitals.

The FHT is pleased to support this magnificent organisation which, thanks to thousands of volunteers and extensive financial support, has been able to operate in 56 countries and provide support to over 572,000 patients.

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