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The Sanfilippo foundation


Sanfilippo syndrome causes numerous deaths among children under the age of 10.

Since there is currently no treatment to cure these young people and the solution will only come from research, the Hubert Tuor Foundation is committed to supporting the Sanfilippo Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting this terrible disease.

A still incurable disease

Sanfilippo syndrome is an incurable genetic disease and current treatments only address the symptoms rather than the causes.

These symptomatic treatments, whose effectiveness varies depending on the patient and the hospital care given to children, are only aimed at improving their quality of life. There is no treatment for the causes of the disease.

Hope through research

It is therefore essential, in order to find out how to treat the causes of the disease, to support all existing innovative approaches such as gene and cell therapy, as well as pharmacological approaches.

The Sanfilippo Foundation Switzerland has realised the urgency of the situation: it works tirelessly to raise the funds needed for scientific research and hopes to develop the treatment solutions needed in the future.

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