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Thanks to the support of the Hubert Tuor Foundation I will have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in spine surgery through 1-year fellowship program at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in Milan, Italy. The training focus of this year will be the treatment of spinal degenerative deformity and will begin in August 2021. Parallel to the clinical activity I will lead a research project investigating the functional outcomes of patients undergoing surgery for degenerative scoliosis.

I am a Swiss board certified orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. After completing my medical education in Italy, I moved to Switzerland and entered the residency program in orthopaedic and trauma surgery, training in Locarno, Bellinzona, Zürich, Lugano and Basel. I currently work as a junior attendant in the Spine Unit of the University Hospital Basel. My interest in spine surgery started soon after beginning my residency. During the following years I had the opportunity to focus on the treatment of both pediatric and adult spine deformities, which is the field that passionate me the most and on which I want focus my clinical and research activity.

To further improve my surgical and clinical skills, I have applied to the international 1-year fellowship program in spine deformities of the GSpine4 unit at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute, in Milan, Italy, This is a unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge and improve my surgical skills in adult deformity surgery, lateral accesses and minimally invasive procedures, and to implement them once back in Basel.

I strongly believe that this training program will greatly impact my future career, not only by providing me the opportunity to learn from worldwide experts in this field but also by allowing me to expand my research and increase my scientific output, which is a prerequisite for pursuing an academic career once back in Switzerland.

This year will be a further challenge for me and my family, both financially and logistically but we are all ready and committed to making it a successful year. It’s hard to describe the gratitude we have towards the Hubert Tuor Foundation. Their support is essential to make year abroad possible and therefore I will be happy to collaborate with enthusiasm to the 2-day 4 2-tomorrow (242) mission of the foundation by strengthening its network and putting affords in the development of future projects.
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