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I contacted the Hubert Tuor Foundation when l was looking for funding to partially finance my internship at swissnex Boston, the Swiss Consulate of Science and Technologies located between Harvard and MIT. The HTF decided to support my project and to inaugurate a new sponsorship for newly graduated students that want to invest in a personal project complementary to studies. At Swissnex Boston I work in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Swiss startups that want to enter the US market. In line with the vision of renewable philanthropy promoted by the HTF, I wish to “give back” the help I received by assisting the launch of the new sponsorship of the HTF with the Life Sciences department at EPFL, and by giving mentorship to students in bioengineering or in the biomedical field in general. I am very grateful for this opportunity that the HTF offers as it encourages newly graduated students to explore new professional horizons while stimulating the transmissibility of a sense of responsibility, which is the key value of the HTF.

Learn more about my experience :
Projet 242
Internship at swissnex Boston
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