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The Hubert Tuor Foundation offered me a grant for my studies of Master of Science – Chemical Biology at the University of Geneva. I arrived to Geneva after interrupting my undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Aleppo University due to the war. In Switzerland, I learned french and passed the exams ECUS (Complementary examination of the Swiss higher education institutions) to restart my studies. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Geneva.

My passion for science and my will to pursue in academia pushed me to start the interdisciplinary master program in Chemical Biology.

My objective is to become an active researcher in the field of chemical synthesis of complex molecules that interact in living systems, as well as biochemical studies that allows better understanding of biological functions.

I am honored to be member of the 242 community. I feel responsible and encouraged to contribute in research and to make a positive impact through science for humanity. I will also be pleased to assist other students and encourage them to follow their dreams.
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