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Laura Roxanne


It’s all about giving back a little. A little of your time, a little of your energy, a little of you love and a little of your abilities. The Hubert Tuor Foundation offers a unique opportunity to take part of their philanthropic mission for a 6-month internship in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This initiative represents the foundation internationally and helps implement Swiss startups on the U.S. market. I am honored to be trusted by the foundation and chosen as a new member of their 242 program (2day 4 2morrow). The future is being created today, and what we do for it now matters. It is important for us to take a moment to appreciate and feel gratitude for the life that we have been able to live. We can share our life with the less fortunate by supporting initiatives that aim to help them. The 242 program offers financial support to passionate entrepreneurs with a vision of helping the underprivileged thrive. Thank you Hubert Tuor Foundation for granting me with the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful initiative, which I am really excited to begin.
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