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After a graduation in automation engineering at Politecnico di Milano, I started a career in management consulting, a completely different field that I found to be very fascinating. During these years at Deloitte Consulting I discovered a strong interest in business challenges, which is the reason why I am starting a Master of Science in management at Cass Business School (London, September 2016).

I would have never reached this important goal without Hubert Tuor Foundation. They granted me the scholarship that I needed to start this life-changing experience and I will always be grateful to them. In fact, this MSc will help me transform the factual knowledge I acquired through my work at Deloitte into a more strategic and structured way of working, with methodologies, frameworks and analytical tools that may be applied to strategy projects.

After completing my MSc course at Cass Business School, I see myself continuing my professional career in a leading strategic consulting firm in London and, in the meantime, I will surely serve the HTF with my skills and competences.

Business planning, researches, monitoring and program governance are just some consulting skills which I could “give back” to HTF. I could supervise project objectives and performance targets to ensure they are on-course; evaluate benefits and opportunities for new projects; help HTF in the recruitment process for the 242 project, or define a mentorship programme that the Foundation could offer as part of its services.
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