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Ana Paula


After having obtained a bachelor’s degree in french and comparative literature (School of Humanities) from the UNIGE, I decided to pursue a masters degree in digital communication starting in september 2018.

Not only did my academic education in literature help me gain a lot of knowledge in terms of textual analysis and Fine Arts Culture, but it also made me sensitive to innovation and creation. This university background serves as a base for me to be able to build my professional future in the digital world. In fact, even though the digital field can offer a wide range of unimaginable and exciting different possibilities, the new technologies need to feed from the creative imagination of an individual. Therefore, instead of seeing a dichotomy between these two fields (literature and the digital realm), I remain convinced that the ingenuity of both can stimulate each other mutually. It is in this spirit that I am building my academic and professional path.

Thanks to the Hubert Tuor Foundation, to whom I called when I was searching for a partial scholarship to fund my master’s degree, I will be able to pursue my studies in better conditions.

In addition to the financial aid provided, the existence of the FHT 242 community is all the more important in today’s world where having a network is a fundamental aspect to objectively and efficiently build professional projects. That is why I am delighted to be part of it and to benefit from it, as well as be able to help other people in the future. I am also very happy to help expand the spirit of cooperation promoted by the FHT.

I can already be certain that thanks to the support I am receiving, my years of studying will be the most enriching as possible and that I will continue to support the foundation as well as its 242 community.

Thank you very much!
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