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From Neil Amstrong’s walk on the Moon, photos from Mars taken by Curiosity, to the latest SpaceX rocket boosters landing on Earth, space exploration continues to inspire generations. As satellites constantly orbit our planet to enable communications and monitor our climate, it is clear that space is playing an important role for humanity. It also contains the answers to many scientific and philosophical questions, as multiple missions focus on understanding the origin of life on Earth by studying extraterrestrial bodies.

The daunting technological challenges of space robotics are also fascinating and are those that I will tackle during my internship at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as part of my MSc at ETH Zürich, thanks to the Hubert Tuor Foundation. As a major center for space research, JPL explored all the planets in the solar system and designed all the successfully landed rovers on Mars. I want to warmly thank the Hubert Tuor Foundation for its financial support which enables me to take part in exciting research in this unique center for space robotics research.

I am proud of joining the foundation and its community, which scientific and philanthropic projects are inspiring and help students pursue their own dreams. I want to encourage and help other students to realize theirs and feel privileged to join the 242 network. I am engaged in contributing to the Foundation, its community and projects, to promote its philanthropic values and to give back to society.

Thank you again for your support!
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