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242 encourages promising and innovative projects



The HTF awards grants to students and postgraduates of universities and Hautes Écoles who wish to follow a science, technology or medical course.

We support students with an excellent academic record.

Every application is examined case by case, and the FHT gives priority to the quality of candidates’ interaction, commitment and motivation.

The grants are available to students with a high level of academic merit or a promising project, who do not have the necessary resources to take a course.

This grant is available only to students registered for the University of Geneva (UNIGE)’s Academic Horizon course, who wish to take a science, technology or medical Master’s degree.

The HTF has benefited for many years from a close relationship with this prestigious institution.

Once or twice a year, Swissnex offers the opportunity to spend six months at its Boston establishment. The HTF participates in the recruitment process and offers a grant to cover the costs involved.

The Hubert Tuor Foundation helps young researchers to finalize their PhD thesis projects at the University of Geneva. In 2020, the FHT supported Camille Kowalski in her battle against multiple sclerosis.

The HTF supports projects and people who have projects. That is why it has created the 242 programme (2day 4 2morrow).

Inspired by the desire to encourage promising and innovative projects to make our world a better place, the HTF therefore works directly with young people who need immediate support in order to deliver a specific project in a science, technology or medical field.

In this way, it contributes to the development of the potential of talented young people who will be the leaders and decision-makers of the future. As part of its mission, the HTF aims to provide a collaborative environment and support discussion and exchange of experience between the students, and for them to take time to help other members of the community.

For this programme, the HTF collaborates with universities and Hautes Écoles in Switzerland and internationally.

The Hubert Tuor Prize for Excellence for a master of science is the result of a collaboration between the University of Geneva Faculty of Science and the Hubert Tuor Foundation.

The prize was for those who have been awarded a grant by the Faculty of Science for a Master of Science course, based on their academic excellence.

All applicants made a proposal, in any form they choose (written, audio-visual, sound or any other form of presentation), in which they put forward a project or an idea on a way in which they could give back in the future what they have received to date and so took part in a sustainable philanthropic action, within or on behalf of the Hubert Tuor Foundation.

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