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The Hubert Tuor Foundation is proud to actively support Co3libri, a project connected with the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), the University’s Faculty of Medicine and the private Foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals.

Its aim is to prepare children who need surgery and their parents for a medical intervention, and to promote communication and trust between the child, his family, doctors and care teams by making good use of new technologies when sharing information in a playful and educational way.

Information – key to successful care

When a child needs surgery, having a clear understanding of the disease and the necessary therapeutic processes is paramount for the child and his family.

To help the child and his family to overcome fears about the illness and its treatment, to help them make the right decisions, providing clear and easily understandable information is of vital importance.

However, information becomes a delicate undertaking when the patient is a child, for the medical staff and the child do not share the same level of knowledge, or the same language.

The Co3libri project was born out of this awareness.

Making good use of new technologies when sharing information in a playful and educational way

Recognising that communicating with patients in a clear and easily understandable way is important, the Co3libri project proposes a modern and recreational tool to facilitate and reinforce communication between the child, his family, the doctors and the care teams.

To help practitioners communicate with their patients, both in terms of content and form, Co3libri will be developing specific educational software. With the help of interactive tables, doctors and their teams will be able to present the child’s medical file in a recreational way and explain every stage of intervention with videos and pictures.

The Co3libri project is supported by a highly motivated team of doctors and care staff, and by two project leaders at the forefront of their respective areas of expertise: Professor Barbara Wildhaber, chief physician of the paediatric surgery division, and Professor Christian Lovis, chief physician of the medical information service.

This team will be involved in all project stages, both during the development of the project and the training period, in order to extend Co3libri by 2015, to other diseases or services and thus promoting the patients’ therapeutic education.

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