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UNIL students interview Sylvie Tuor, June 2016


Sylvie Tuor President of FHT

Sylvie Tuor, the dynamic and generous President of the Hubert Tuor Foundation, played the interview game with us, giving us her vision of philanthropy and the values she aims to share through FHT, in the form of a Proust questionnaire.

  1. My favourite fictional hero/heroine: The Count of Monte Cristo
  2. The faults for which I have most indulgence: the errors of youth, which may occur at any age…
  3. The three advantages of youth: motivation, light-heartedness and illusions…
  4. Unforgivable faults: cowardice and selfishness
  5. My favourite qualities in a man: generosity and a sense of humour
  6. My favourite qualities in a woman: a sense of humour and a love of food
  7. What I appreciate most about my friends: loyalty
  8. My dream of happiness: that everyone works to make the world a better place
  9. My motto: “I’d rather sail and hit a rock than sit and rot in a dried dock” Roosevelt
  10. My favourite book: at the moment, the book I am giving everyone is: “Clean Hands Save Lives” by Thierry Crouzet. It is the story of hydroalcoholic gel, invented by Professor Didier Pittet and his team at the Geneva University Hospitals, offered as a gift to humanity, without any patent restrictions. It’s a lovely example of generosity, but my favourite book does depend on the mood I’m in!
  11. My favourite film: “Giving”, a short film produced in 2013 by the Thai company, True Move. I find this video deeply affecting. It is a brilliant presentation in images of the FHT’s philosophy, which is to give back in return for what we receive, to make the world a better place.copyright owned by TrueMove H Corp
  12. My heroes/heroines in real life: Melinda and Bill Gates
  13. The gift of nature that I would like to have: to be carefree
  14. My main fault: a butterfly mind
  15. My favourite occupation: looking after the people I love
  16. Your greatest achievement: my family
  17. Your current state of mind: optimistic
  18. Where would you like to live: it doesn’t matter, as long as I am with the people I love
  19. My favourite occupation: travelling with my family and discovering new horizons
  20. Your idea of happiness: laughter
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