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242 encourage les projets
prometteurs et novateurs




The HTF will be happy to consider your application, which will need to meet the following criteria in order to be admissible:

  • Reflect a high level of academic performance (at least a Bachelor’s degree).
  • Demonstrate strong personal motivation and a willingness to become resident in Switzerland, in the medium term.
  • Show evidence of links with Switzerland.
  • Demonstrate the will to subscribe to the HTF’s vision and values.
  • Applications must be submitted at least three months before the start of the academic year, or before the start date of the fellowship.


Every candidate should complete the two forms below:


Candidates will be selected by the HTF’s Selection Committee, on the basis of applications submitted.
Candidates will be interviewed in person.
Final decisions will be taken by the HTF Foundation Council. Candidates will be informed as soon as possible.
The various grants are considered and allocated throughout the year.


  • Above all, to subscribe to the vision of sustainable philosophy promoted by the HTF.
    Take concrete action to show commitment to the work of the HTF by:
    Providing the material required for the “our grantees” page on the HTF website (information, testimonials and a report on experience in writing and in the form of a video – FR + EN – photos etc); taking practical action to promote the HTF’s various initiatives (on social media, by mentoring, wearing the HTF T shirt at specific events etc.)
    Provide a report of 1,500 words at the end of each project explaining how the funds were used and the results achieved.
    Provide a 3 minute video on the place the project was carried out (for social media).
    Keep in touch with the HTF on a regular basis and provide information on the progress of their studies and on future projects.
    Use the funds exclusively for the purposes for which they were awarded.
    Commit to charitable and philanthropic action, in keeping with the HTF’s philosophy.

You therefore agree, when your turn comes, to support the next 242 generation. Your support can take the form of coaching, exchanges or sponsorship. You also undertake to represent and transmit HTF's values.

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