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The Children of Hue


A natural synergy has developed between the Hubert Tuor Foundation and the Hue Children’s Foundation, founded in 2004 thanks to the involvement and devotion of Father Patrick-Marie Sérafini.

The aim of the Hue Children’s Foundation

The aim of Hue Children’s Foundation is to provide voluntary assistance to children and young people who live in conditions of extreme poverty in the city of Hue, Vietnam. This assistance, provided every day by nuns, meets the nutritional, educational, social and health needs of many children.

From 2004 to Today

Over the years, the role of the Hue Children’s Foundation has taken on various concrete forms. In addition to the two meals provided every day, 283 high school diplomas have been awarded, and support has been given to more than 750 young people in their applications for scholarships. The Hue Children’s Foundation has also implemented a number of major projects: the construction, in 2012, of a nursery school (Bich Truc), attended by 530 children; the opening of a clinic, which receives patients from the region twice a week, and the construction of a retirees’ home for 50 residents, as well as various works of public interest for many small local communities.

Hue Bethany Home

The Hubert Tuor Foundation will participate in the Hue Children’s Foundation’s next major project through its support for the construction of a Students’ Home, which will provide accommodation for scholarship holders coming from rural areas in a living environment conducive to intellectual work. The facility will include a low-cost internal restaurant with the capacity to serve each resident two meals a day. The building will be inaugurated in the summer of 2016.

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Children cared by the Hue Foundation.


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