242 encourages promising
and innovative projects
Help people
to help other people
Act today
to envision a better tomorrow

Act today to envision a better tomorrow

Because the future is being built today, the Hubert Tuor Foundation wants to support education, training and research. By supporting promising and innovative projects, the Hubert Tuor Foundation is helping emerging talent realize and realize their projects in the medical, scientific and technological fields.

Help people to help other people

In a spirit of reciprocal responsibility, the Hubert Tuor Foundation hopes that these future leaders will commit themselves tomorrow by giving back what they have received today. They will become partners of the Hubert Tuor Foundation, contributing thus to the future of the institution. The Hubert Tuor Foundation represents a new philanthropic trend, a new form of sponsorship that adds sustainability to philanthropy.



GirlsCoding is an association established in Lausanne by a group of engineers and researchers from the école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne so that more women worldwide will take jobs in information technology.  The problem The many stereotypes and the lack of role models mean that young women often do not consider IT options when making their…


Infokids, an interactive, dynamic application

The Hubert Tuor has joined forces with the HUG private Foundation to support a project aimed at parents and designed to improve care for young patients in the paediatric emergency department in Geneva.  A digital solution to help patients The INFOKIDS app has been designed so that parents of sick children can get in touch…


2day 4 2morrow

242 encourages promising and innovative projects The Hubert Tuor Foundation (HTF) supports projects, but also people who have projects. That is why HTF has launched its 242 Program (2day 4 2morrow). With the intention of encouraging promising and innovative projects, HTF reaches out directly to young people who need immediate help to implement a specific project. HTF…


FHT & DFDL, a nice meeting between two foundations

The Hubert Tuor Foundation (FHT) and the Dr Henri Dubois-Ferrière Dinu Lipatti Foundation (DFDL) share common values and objectives. In light of its involvement in projects that support training and research in scientific and medical areas, it was natural for the FHT to take an interest in the projects funded by the DFDL. The closer relationship between…


“A New Life” operation

As part of its contribution to assistance to migrants and still convinced that integration requires communication, The Hubert Tuor Foundation launched “A New Life” operation. Communication leads to integration FHT contributes to assistance for migrants by helping young people from every ethnic origin to integrate into our country. The first step towards integration is learning the language,…


Hubert Tuor Excellence Award 2015

The Hubert Tuor Excellence Award for a Master of Science is the result of collaboration between the Faculty of Science of the University of Geneva and the Fondation Hubert Tuor. The Fondation Hubert Tuor exemplifies a new philanthropic trend, with a form of support in which philanthropy becomes renewable and aims to create an awareness of…