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A new life


The Hubert Tuor Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, has launched the initiative “A New Life” as part of its contribution to supporting students. The programme has several objectives. First, it aims to offer French language courses, university summer schools and grants to young people who are students. Second, it aims to collect and recondition computers and redistribute them to people who need machines in good working order for their studies or their projects. 

Communication is essential

The HTF is contributing to support for migrants by helping young people from any country of origin to become integrated in Switzerland. The first step in integration is learning the language, the ability to provide evidence of their level of education or the provision of tools for an apprenticeship or a job.

The HTF is working, with a range of partners, to respond individually to the needs of each person, whether they are young people studying or people developing a personal or professional project.  Each application is considered with reference to the specific needs of the young person, whether for an intensive French course, a grant for university, a summer catch-up course, or the gift of a computer. The HTF is sure that, in line with the Foundation’s philosophy, beneficiaries will in the future give back to others what they are receiving today.

Collection of computers

By donating your old computers (any brand, in any condition), you will enable a Swiss or foreign student to work with suitable equipment.

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