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In 2009, I joined the Lullier school of horticulture, this training turned out to be one of the experiences that enriched me the most. I was taught the art of fruit production, and in particular the patience necessary for the growth of plants. Above all, I learned about the life and develop my wisdom.

After graduating in 2013, I worked for several years as a tree climber. Nevertheless, I was thirsty to learn and educate myself. Therefore, in 2016, I decided to undertake a new training. I first completed a professional maturity, then I studied agricultural engineering at the Geneva University of applied sciences and engineering (hepia).

During my studies at hepia, I quickly developed a passion for statistics, and I understood that they were applied in all fields. Statistics allow us to extract information from the data, to assess its plausibility and ultimately to make decisions. Therefore, during my training, I decided to take the time to study this subject in more depth.

Today, I have this enormous chance to have been accepted into a distinguished master’s degree at the forefront of its field in biostatistics at the University Catholique of Louvain. I have the opportunity to undertake studies in the school that interests me the most and in a country that I do not know. However, the tuition fees and the temporary move have a high cost, however thanks to the support of the Hubert Tuor Foundation I will be able to undertake this project. More than just a scholarship, I feel that joining the 242 network is a real opportunity because the foundation advocates values in which I firmly believe.


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